When you’re on shift, which way will your weight shift?

When you’re on shift, which way will your weight shift?

‘When I started my FIFO life with Sodexo, I remember walking into the dining hall on my first night, and all I could think to myself is – how on earth will I decide what to have for dinner with all these amazing choices.’

This is an all too common occurrence within FIFO, after a long hard day’s work all one wants is a relaxing shower, clean clothes and a delicious ‘feed’ before heading off to bed for the night. One, two, five years down the line we suddenly realize that we’ve stacked on a couple of kilos around the waist thanks to our overzealous dietary decisions, nonetheless FIFO life doesn’t have to be the dreaded weight gain trap which everyone inherently associates it with.

June 2015, Ronald Smith began his time with Sodexo at Jerriwah Village, weighing in at a comparatively fuller 113kg; Ronald (Ronnie to everyone at Jerriwah) made a vow to himself on his first week that he was to become a much fitter, healthier and happier person leading into 2016. Ronnie became a regular in the Health and Lifestyle Coordinator classes, often seeking the guidance of HLC Kodie ‘coach’ Karter and Exercise Physiologist Carnedd Williams with health, nutritional and training advice. The teams at Jerriwah Village have been a great support to Ronnie during this transition often encouraging him to join in on team walks around the track.

Six months later Ronnie has kept true to his word – weighing in at an outstanding 79kg (a loss of 34kg in total). This is a testament to Ronnie, the Symmetry Active Health and Lifestyle program and Sodexo Health and Wellness initiatives.

Ronnie’s Tips:

–  80% of the time select the green best choices option

–  Drink ample water daily – cut out your soft sugary drinks and energy drinks

–  30 minutes of physical activity a day is all it takes, don’t be fixated about all the complicated exercises and programs, bring it back to basics and visit your HLC for expert advice.