The Traveling Chef: Meet Sam Navarathna

The Traveling Chef: Meet Sam Navarathna

Meet Chef Sam Navarathna, he has worked on sites across the Pilbara and is currently based at Kurra Killi camp in Paraburdoo.  On his weeks off he can be found traveling and taking in beautiful landscapes through the lens.  As a professional photographer and avid traveler, Sam explains what he likes best about his job as a FIFO Chef.

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Being a chef has given me the wonderful opportunity to work in some of the world’s best travel destinations for global hospitality leading companies, resorts, private yachts. It’s a skill and qualification that can take me around the world to work internationally. 

Sodexo is a great place to work as FIFO Chef. I like the variety and it allows me to have a lifestyle where I can afford to travel for 2 months a year. I also enjoy the Australian remote landscapes and peaceful nature, working in places I wouldn’t see otherwise. These (sites) may be remote but it is great to experience the beautiful Australian Outback.

Living where you work might sound unappealing to some. It’s easily accomplished if you are willing to work hard and keep your goals in mind. You can also save a lot of money working and not having to pay for your normal costs of living. Your flights, meals, living and accommodations are included. But to me, there are a lot of benefits to FIFO mining jobs that go beyond the money.  

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