Sodexo partners with RedFM for Mental Health Week Tour

Sodexo partners with RedFM for Mental Health Week Tour

With the spotlight on mental health in the mining sector resulting in the release of the CME blueprint for mental wellbeing and the DMP Psychosocial hazard audits, Sodexo’s commitment to mental health awareness and education promotes Mental Health Week as part of its ongoing I Hear You initiative

In partnership with Sodexo, RedFM will on tour at remote sites across WA, including Darlot & Grannysmith. Commencing Sunday October 9, RedFM will be broadcasting a message of hope and assistance throughout regional WA, focusing on real issues and real solutions. Throughout the week, RedFM be talking to Mental Health experts and discussing the issues faced and promoting the ‘Act, Belong, Commit’ message. 

Be sure to catch our radio interview on Tuesday 11 Oct between 7pm-9pm (AWST) as RedFM chats with our Health & Lifestyle coordinator Jade on site, discussing our actions in the mental health space.

About Mental Health Week

Mental Health Week is one of the most recognised and longest running community health campaigns in Australia. This year, the theme for 2016 is Act – Belong – Commit, aiming to encourage protection and promotion of their own mental wellbeing through being active, and having a sense of belonging and purpose in life. We will be conducting toolbox talks on site and getting people involved on social media to bring awareness to Mental Health Week. Find more resources on the act-belong-commit website. Need help or just want to talk? Reach out using our Employee Assistance Program, beyondblue Phone: 1300 22 46 36, or FIFO Families Phone:  (08) 6188 7670.

The A-B-C guidelines for positive mental health provide a simple approach that we can all adopt to become more mentally healthy:

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