Sodexo Ambassador’s Service Spirit at ASC

Sodexo Ambassador’s Service Spirit at ASC

9 August 2017

Sodexo employees provide services that improve quality of life for 75 million people around the world every day, and 95% of our employees have daily contact with consumers, giving us the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the many lives we touch.

Meet Angela, an in-house barista at ASC North, serving up to 150 coffees each shift to the hard-working employees at ASC. She has been with Sodexo for just over two years and loves being a part of a tight-knit team: “One of the best parts of my job are the people I work with, we get along very well and we back each other up when it gets busy. I also love meeting new people and the customers here are great.”

“It’s nice to know that a coffee and friendly chat is a pleasant part of their working day, and just a part of the service we provide”.

Angela’s enthusiasm for the job and care for her customers has not gone unnoticed, as a regular customer recently went out of his way to commend Angela for her outstanding service:

“I just wanted to take the time to comment on one of your staff members at this site – Angela who runs the coffee machine. She is an amazing employee and an asset to Sodexo. Happy, friendly, professional and fantastic at what she does.” Callum Chartier, ASC North employee.

Angela is another great example of what it takes to be a Sodexo ambassador, which is a key focus for our quality of life commitment.

The Global Ambassador Program is at the forefront of this, and will be completed by all 428,000 employees worldwide to ensure that we all have a consistent understanding of what Sodexo stands for, and how every employee can improve Quality of Life.

“We are proud and extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated and collaborative team who demonstrate our values of service spirit, team spirit, and spirit of progress.  We appreciate and recognise Angela for the friendly and responsive service she delivers people every day.” Ann Moir, Sodexo Catering Manager – ASC Blue Wave Café.

Some descriptionPictured: Angela from ASC is a great example of what it takes to be a Sodexo ambassador