Sodexo Ambassador Program reaching all corners of the globe

Sodexo Ambassador Program reaching all corners of the globe


20 July 2017

Sodexo is currently rolling out our global Ambassador Program to all 428,000 employees worldwide, which will ensure that every employee has a consistent understanding of what Sodexo stands for and how we all improve Quality of Life.

As Sodexo operates in 80 countries and serves over 75 million customers each day, the Global Ambassador Program is an integral part of our quality of life mission as our employees are the face and lifeblood of the company.

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Pictured: Staff members in Tanami completing the Ambassador Program, amongst the local dingos and snakes

Every Sodexo employee across the globe will complete the Program by the end of December this year, and it will also be integrated into the onboarding process for all new employees to help drive Sodexo’s values of Service Spirit, Team Spirit, and Spirit of Progress.

The program has reached Sodexo sites and employees in all corners of the globe, including in the most remote Australian sites of Tanami, Karratha, the Greater Brockman region, Paraburdoo, and even the Paraburdoo Aerodrome, taking place in cafeterias, taverns, and even waiting areas – wherever our teams work.

Pictured: The program has also reached Granny Smith Mines, Windawarri, Karratha and even the Paraburdoo aerodrome.

“Even though we were in a very ‘different’ training environment, the engagement was great, and there was a lot of good discussions”. – Leigh Wilson, Learning and Development Trainer.

Feedback from site managers, customers and clients alike has been very positive. The program helps us understand our values of team spirit, service spirit, and spirit of progress and the part each of us plays in improving the Quality of Life for the people we serve. We can really see the positive impact we make on the lives we touch every day and what we stand for, as highlighted below with a few quotes from local residents in Paraburdoo:

“I arrived at the Para airport with my toddler, nappy-bag and luggage, and an older male worker asked if he could help me. After he had taken my bags inside and left me to check in, he then came back and asked me to follow him to the front desk, and checked me in so I could then go and sit down. This man went beyond his duties and I just wanted to say a massive Thank You. It made my morning that little bit easier”

“I’ve always had such positive experiences at Para airport with the helpful staff.”

“Every time I’ve been here are so many helping hands… Love, love, love living here”

These are just a few of many examples of positive feedback that we have received from Paraburdoo, with the Ambassador Program having a great impact on our local customers and communities.

Pictured: Nammuldi in the Greater Brockman Region, WA