Recognising Norm Williams

Recognising Norm Williams

25 June 2017

Norm Williams, a proud Noongar man from Western Australia, celebrated his 65th birthday on site recently, sharing a laugh and enjoying some downtime with his team. Norm works at Sodexo with the Inland Grounds Team in Tom Price, and has also worked in mine site cleaning and gardening during his 8 years in the Pilbara. Norm works FIFO, flying into Perth Airport and traveling a day’s drive to Esperance by bus to get home at the end of his shift.  

A 65th birthday is a milestone in its own right, but Norm’s life is a testament to his resilience and the ability to overcome adversity. Norm is from the Stolen Generations, and was separated from his mother when he was a very small child. Norm was born in Katanning, WA – the town name is thought to come from an Aboriginal word ‘Kartannin’, meaning big meeting place. He recounts he and some of his siblings got to see their parents occasionally. At the age of 15 years old, Norm went to work on farms and went on to join the army in 1976; “jumping out of perfectly good planes with a parachute” was his specialty in the paramilitary.

After serving in the army, Norm then went back to the farming industry, becoming involved in the shearing industry as a roustabout, shearer and finally a wool presser. He became an employee of a contractor in the mining industry, which he has been working in ever since. We recognise Norm for his contributions, and thank him for sharing his story.

“Norm is a valued and admired team member and we all enjoy his company… even though he is a Carlton AFL supporter”, jokes Paul Woolford, Grounds Maintenance Supervisor at Tom Price.

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