Panna duo is living la vida local

Panna duo is living la vida local

We recently brought you the story of Pannawonica couple Diedre and Martyn Clayson, who organised a toy drive for Ronald McDonald House and made some generous donations to the local community. Martyn is the Area Manager for Building Maintenance and Diedre is an Assistant Village Manager.

Inspired by their community spirit, we got in touch with Diedre to find out more about their relocation to the Pilbara, and the positive affect it has had on their work-life balance.

“We relocated to Pannawonica four years ago, with our son Vincent who is now 12 years old. Marty had been doing FIFO here for over seven years, and always said that Pannawonica was a lovely small town filled with friendly people raising their children in a very safe environment.

“Moving here has been the best thing we have ever done for our family and our relationship. We don’t have to worry about Marty getting to the airport to fly out on his swing, and he doesn’t have to worry about leaving us on our own while he is away.


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“Marty comes home every night to us and we can be a proper family, sitting and eating together. He takes Vinnie to play sport and quad bike riding, and can attend school functions.

 “The lifestyle in the Pilbara is great. The weather is always good so on days off we can head out fishing, swimming, riding or walking—or just sit and relax.

“Sodexo provides the community with excellent services, including a fully equipped gym, heated swimming pool and a drive-in movie theatre.  

“One of the best things about local living is being a real part of the community. Sodexo is a part of the Pannawonica Town Committee called ‘Panna Be In It’, which I am involved in. I was also recently asked to be on the school board as a local resident and representative for Sodexo. They also promote fundraising for the community groups in Pannawonica, and recently hosted a BBQ for the residents to raise money for the school.

“We are looking ahead to the future for Vinnie, who as a local resident may be able to take on an apprenticeship with Sodexo when he gets older.” Diedre Clayson