Buried treasure

Buried treasure

Brian Freeman, valued Sodexo employee at Knox Grammar, was recently published in the Mosman Daily regarding his discovery of ‘buried treasure’ at Mosman Harbour Beach on his day off from work.

“The quote by Peter Dodds McCormick “We’ve golden soils and wealth for toil, our home is girt by sea” couldn’t be truer.

Whilst regularly ‘toiling’(collecting) containers full of broken glass before swimming on a Mosman/Middle Harbour beach where I’d found an old decimal coin previously, I found the Mother-Load of a shipwrights ‘fixings’ (2.25kg of impact-bent short to long copper and brass screws, nails, bolts, stout pins and mono-nails) and treasure including seven King George coins circa 1920s; an old Sydney Harbour Ferry turnstile token and $20.74 of gold, silver and bronze decimal coins.

I wondered if a boat shipwrecked here or nearby during the early 2000’s and if its biodegradable treasure-chest contents was duly dispatched for burial amongst the sand and rocks?

During three short low tide searches in about the same square meter area, the sand and rocks (’golden soils’) I found a total of 59 coins, worth a total of $20.85.

The most unusual were two One Half Pennies and a 1921 King George V. One Penny which depicted a goddess riding in a chariot and holding aloft a three pronged spear. I couldn’t find this image in an internet search of Australian One Pennies, so I am yet to figure out which country they have come from; the UK or elsewhere?

All these were found without using a metal detector, just a little observation, intuition and recent storms and big-seas assisted”.

Brian J. Freeman