Another Amazing Sodexo Ambassador

Another Amazing Sodexo Ambassador

3 August 2017

The resident experience is at the heart of everything we do in Senior Living. Every day our people are committed to improving the quality of life of everyone we serve, which extends to our colleagues and communities. 

Meet Adrienne, a Sodexo chef at Bethany Christian Care, Janoah Gardens in Queensland. Her enjoyment and skill for cooking led her to a career in food services in the BCC Senior Living community. This is just one example of how we impact the lives we touch on a daily basis as a Sodexo Ambassador:

One day during lunch service, I noticed one of our residents, who is usually seated with his wife, sitting alone and visibly upset.  Sadly, his wife of many years suddenly passed away earlier that morning.  I went to sit with him so he did not have to be alone while he waited for his family to arrive. Naturally,  I was drawn to offer comfort and share a moment with him during a distressing time. 

Sometimes it’s the smallest gesture that can make a big difference. Susan Nielsen, General Services Manager at Bethany Christian Care adds “I like to remember, we work in their Home, the residents don’t live in our workplace.”  Seeing people on a daily basis, we get to know our residents on a personal level.  For many years, the husband spent a lot of his day caring for his wife and bringing her to the dining area so they could spend time and eat together.  Adrienne’s simple act of compassion and responsiveness to a resident’s needs truly exemplifies Sodexo’s Service Spirit. Service Spirit is what inspires us to deliver exceptional service, improve ourselves and own our performance. 

“The Sodexo Ambassador program provides a fantastic platform for our people to share their experiences, and in this case, outstanding Service Spirit. This is what we mean when we talk about the difference we make to truly improve quality of life for some of our community’s most vulnerable people.”

“I was so moved when Adrienne let me know about this gesture, especially the humble way she considered it part of her every day work. To me, it was an incredible outpouring of compassion at a time when one of our residents needed it most. Sodexo is a people company and I’m so proud to work alongside Ambassadors such as Adrienne who go the extra mile every day. Inspirational.” – Terrena Hooper, National Learning and Development Manager

Along with epitomising the Ambassador Program, Adrienne’s act of kindness also highlights the significance of the Sodexo CARES philosophy; Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Enthusiasm, Service. Employees go through careful and deliberate recruitment and training of staff through the CARES program.

“It takes a special type of person to work in aged care and we ensure our residents receive the highest standard of care. The client has said Adrienne’s compassion for residents has been ever-present. This is not only one example, but is indicative of staff across the sector and how they take their work personally. We’re proud of our staff who deliver this level of service on a daily basis and I look forward to thanking Adrienne in person.”  – Paul Dimmock, Operations Director – Healthcare

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