Windawarri Lodge welcomes new Indigenous apprentice Chef

Windawarri Lodge welcomes new Indigenous apprentice Chef

Pictured: Jermarley Howard and Maz Hearne

It’s another IFMS success story! With hard work, ambition and spirit, Jermarley Howard has quickly worked his way to earning a spot as our newest apprentice Chef at Windawarri Lodge in Tom Price.

Jermarley first joined Sodexo in January this year as a kitchenhand after the local Tom Price Youth Centre introduced him to our Indigenous Engagement team. With the support of his counselor Maz Hearne, Jermarley opened up and won over the team with his honesty, enthusiasm, and genuine desire to become a role model for other Indigenous young people in the region.

Jermarley had been through some tough times and was ready to make a change with a full-time job in the hospitality industry—which is quickly blossoming into a long-term career.

In the kitchen, Jermarley fit right into the team and continued to work hard as an eager team player. From the start, Head Chef Lana Martin recognised Jermarley’s talents and strongly supported him in his goal of becoming a chef.  

After just ten months, Site Manager Shannon McDonald offered Jermarley the opportunity to take this next step: a Chef apprenticeship, including on-the-job training and support, as well as a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery.

It was a great moment when the team at Windawarri formally welcomed Jermarley into his new role with his own set of professional kitchen knives. Jermarley’s proud father Ken joined the celebration, alongside his counselor Maz—who couldn’t help but shed a few tears of happiness at Jermarley’s success. 

“It has been such an honour to support Jermarley in his journey towards this apprenticeship. It is a privilege to be able to work alongside and mentor him during this time. He has worked so hard to be where is his today and deserves every ounce of praise. I am so proud of Jermarley and cannot wait to see what his future will bring. It’s all you, mate!” – Lana Martin, Head Chef, Windawarri

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Jermarley with Head Chef Lana Martin and Site Manager Shannon McDonald, and with his dad Ken.