Switch off and support Earth Hour!

Switch off and support Earth Hour!

Earth Hour is this Saturday 25 March 2017 from 8.30pm to 9.30pm

WWF’s Earth Hour is an annual global celebration where people switch off their lights for one hour to show they care about the future of our planet. Get involved this weekend – it’s a great chance to come together with friends, family, neighbours or colleagues.

Last year a record 178 countries took part – a number that rises every year. From the Sydney Opera House and the Eiffel Tower to Buckingham Palace and Edinburgh Castle, cities, towns and communities across the world switch out their lights and come together for an hour, to join a global show of support for action on climate. 

We invite you, our employees, clients, consumers and suppliers, to join with us and hundreds of millions of people across the globe, switching off all non-essential lights and unplugging non-essential equipment during Earth Hour on Saturday. Going beyond the ‘Hour’, Sodexo has been committed to reducing our environmental footprint jointly with our clients and suppliers and our Better Tomorrow plan.

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Everyone’s small action can contribute greatly to our joint effort to protect the planet. Let’s start with switching off the lights, to switch on our power of sustainable life for the future.

You can also find lots more information including videos, event maps and fundraising ideas on the WWF website.