Sodexo Safety Olympics – Going for Gold!

Sodexo Safety Olympics – Going for Gold!

you taking part in the Sodexo Safety Olympics? We are now three weeks into the competition and, as of 10 April, there are 3,249 teams taking part, which represents an amazing 27,963 people worldwide!

  • The top four participating countries to date are: USA, Brazil, UK and China.
  • The top three participating segments are Corporate Services, Energy & Resources and Service Operations.
  • A team from China is currently top of the leader board but Australia is close behind in 8th!

If you’re not already involved, why not get in the game? What is the Safety Olympics all about…

  • Sodexo Safety Olympics is an innovative and specially designed app for interactive and competitive Life Safety Hazard training.
  • Managers can download the app on a mobile device or tablet, or they can access the competition via a desktop computer.
  • As soon as your team is signed up you’re on the starting blocks and ready to take part in a series of quiz challenges, with gold, silver and bronze medals to be won along the way for your performance.

Every month, the three leading teams globally will be awarded a prize, with the first winners announced on 20 April. You can take part as many times as you like to try and improve your score and can track your progress against Sodexo teams around the world.

At the end of the competition, the three leading teams Australia will be selected and awarded a gift card (up to a maximum of $1000) to be spent on a team activity. All the more reason to Go for Gold!

The competition is running from March 20 until June 20, 2018.

Watch the video to find out more about the Safety Olympics and how you can take part as a team. 

Feedback from our teams so far has been very postive. Tell us what you think!

“It’s a great opportunity for the managers to really interact and engage with the teams in a fun way, while learning about good safety outcomes.” – Colin Abernethy, Operations Manager

“Overall the team was very interactive and the problem solving was enjoyed by the group.”  – James Kerr, Senior HSE Specialist Sodexo

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