Sodexo Joins Flight Safety Foundation BARS Program

Sodexo Joins Flight Safety Foundation BARS Program

15 November 2018

Sodexo Australia is proud to be the first and only company in our industry to join to the Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) program as a BARS Member Organisation of the Flight Safety Foundation (FSF).

Sodexo’s Mass Transportation Services include delivery of aerodrome and aviation related services at 20 Fly in Fly Out mine site aerodromes and managing remote mine site bus transportation for a wide range of resource industry clients across Australia. We provide aerodrome/helipad related services that move a large number of company employees, particularly within remote and challenging environments. The BARS Program will provide professional training in aviation for all Sodexo employees who hold aviation related duties and assist in the risk-based management of aviation activities to further ensure the safety of our people and customers.

“Controlling risk exposures related to employee travel on charter aircraft and delivery of aviation infrastructure management and support services across multiple resource industry sectors and clients is complex. Sodexo see great value in participating in the BARS program, as it provides a standardized, industry-specific aviation risk management framework along with the associated tools required to drive ongoing aviation service delivery excellence across our global remote sites business” said Tim Pirga, Director Analysis and Improvement (formerly Manager Aviation and Mass Transportation) for Sodexo.

“We are delighted to have Sodexo join the BARS program and see a great deal of synergy in the two organisations working together into the future.” David Anderson, BARS Managing Director

As a highly regarded aviation industry thought leader, Tim was also invited as a guest speaker at the Flight Safety Foundation’s Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) in Seattle, USA. During his presentation, Tim shared his expertise about FIFO Aerodrome Wildlife Hazard Management.