Recognition of excellence in BMA safety nomination

Recognition of excellence in BMA safety nomination

Roi Viti, a utility worker at Moranbah SPV was recently nominated by Mark Thompson (Moranbah SPV)  & Craig Adams (Dysart SPV ) for his ingenuity and resourcefulness for safety risk reduction by re-engineering a wheelie bin into a weed sprayer.

One of our members from our groundskeeping team saw that there was a need to improve the way we spray weeds around the grounds. He came up with the initiative of a portable pack made from an unused wheelie bin, containing a rechargeable spray bottle with wand, chemical in a bund, and space for the appropriate PPE & SDS, hose & attachment to refill from taps around the gardens. This enables easy transportation of all equipment when moving around camp.

The ideal method of reducing risk is known to be by design rather than procedure. This weed sprayer modification effectively eliminates the risk of strain injuries compared to using a traditional backpack sprayer.

Out of 28 nominations, Roi was the overall winner, receiving much praise and commendation from senior BMA management, including a certificate of recognition and a prize voucher. The Moranbah team celebrated together with a Sunday BBQ lunch.

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Roi Viti and Moranbah team pictured above with the second converted weed sprayer prototype.

 It is truly fabulous to see the culture of continuous improvement present within the BMA/Sodexo teams. The level of personal accountability taken by Roi and his fellow Sodexo team members to ensure safety remains our number one priority ensures everyone goes homes safely every day! Well done to Roi and the entire BMA/Sodexo teams for their fantastic effort. – Jodie Avins, Sodexo Operations Manager

It is fantastic that Roi Viti has been recognised for his innovative solution to reducing the risk of injuries and to see Sodexo’s Zero Accident Mindset culture in action. Often those closest to the task are best placed to come up with innovative solutions to improve health and safety. I thank Roi for his dedication and passion for his work and hope that his actions can inspire others to also take initiative and help us achieve our collective goal zero harm. – Ria Smith, HSE Director Australia