Sodexo Single Use Plastic Reduction Plan

Sodexo Single Use Plastic Reduction Plan

Sodexo acknowledges that waste is one of our planet’s biggest collective challenges. Through our Better Tomorrow 2025 corporate responsibility roadmap, we have committed to eliminating avoidable waste globally by 2025.

Our Australian Single Use Plastic Reduction Plan started with phasing out single use plastic bags in 2018, and has progressed to eliminating all disposable plastic straws and mouthpieces from sites and introducing reusable crib kits as of January 2019.

In Australia alone, this means Sodexo will eliminate millions of pieces of unnecessary single use items, divert more than 3 million single use plastic bags, over 5 million single use plastic containers, and over 3 million disposable paper cups from going into landfill. This will not only help us meet our environmental targets but more importantly, it will go a long way to reduce the impact plastic is having on our environment.

Sodexo in Australia has committed to:

  • Remove single use plastic bags from all Sodexo retail sites nationally, to be eliminated or replaced with reusable and/or durable plastic bags
  • Remove plastic straws and plastic mouthpieces from sites nationally.
    • Shift straws to a “by request” item that will still be available to customers who need them for accessibility reasons. 
    • Provide a straw alternative or BioPak product
  • Replace plastic service ware with reusable materials by 2025, starting with immediate reductions in November 2018 across our largest contract
    • Rolling out 10,000 reusable crib kits
    • Replacing disposable coffee cups with reusable melamine cups and keep cups
  • Choose food packaging products that are carbon neutral and made from renewable resources ie: Cellulose fibre or plant material.
  • Continue to seek innovative practices and products to reduce or eliminate other single use plastics in other areas of its operations.

“Sodexo’s comprehensive plan to reduce its reliance on single-use plastic will have major benefits for the environment and human health,” said John Hocevar, a marine biologist with Greenpeace. “We also applaud Sodexo for committing to invest in solutions that involve re-use and not just other throwaway items.”

As a company serving consumers in remote regions, corporate workplaces, hospitals, schools, and so many other venues, we understand the impact we can make with our commitment to waste reduction. We believe there is tremendous potential for reducing waste through our operations while ensuring the safety, satisfaction, and inclusion of our clients and consumers.