Olympic Dam achieves 10 years LTI-free

Olympic Dam achieves 10 years LTI-free

Congratulations to each and everyone at Olympic Dam for living our zero mindset safety culture with no ‘Lost Time Injuries’ during the last 10 years, whilst operating and maintaining the site and recent shutdown.

It takes real commitment and dedication 24/7/365 to maintain a strong safety culture, ensuring everyone goes home safely to their families and improving quality of life for all the lives we touch. Our Lost Time Injury (LTI) Free achievements are a direct result of our zero accident mindset – every single day.

“It takes all of us working in step to build a strong safety culture. This is a culture where everyone believes that Zero Harm is possible. Thank you to the dedicated team for this achievement.  We recognise the people that are leading the way in making Sodexo one of the safest and healthiest places to work.” – Mark Chalmers, CFO & Country President

Director of Operations, Jodie Avins, and Head of Brand & Communications, Tammie Evans were impressed by the village teams during their visit. 

“We are really proud of the team for this outstanding and commendable achievement. You can really see the spirit of teamwork with everyone looking after each other, and an ethos of continuous improvement that is driven locally.”