National Health Safety & Environment Conference

National Health Safety & Environment Conference

The Australian Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) team congregated in Perth last week for a packed 2-day session, with 45 HSE team members attending the conference. The conference was represented by HSE team members across all segments; Corporate, Healthcare, Justice, and Energy & Resources.

“The Sodexo Health and Safety team within Australia recently took part in a national conference focusing on HSE responsibilities, accountabilities, compliance and improvement initiatives. The two-day event incorporated a number of topics with subject matter experts, investigation training, an evening dinner and a ‘safety guru’ quiz night. Many thanks to the Kuditj team, under the leadership of Celia Maiho for helping to deliver a successful event.” – Ria Smith, HSE Director

This was an important forum to discuss HSE strategies, processes, incident responses and emerging technologies in the field of HSE.  Ria Smith, HSE Director Australia and Julie Barbieri, National Health, Injury and Workers Compensation Manager, brought thought leadership to the fore and encouraged national involvement and networking across teams over the 2 days. 

A fully day was dedicated to training all team members on “Essential Factors”, a tool to investigate incidents focusing on people, equipment, and environment. The Essential Factors™ model is not a cause-based model but a control-based model.  Cause-based models seek to find ‘the cause’ or thing that triggered the incident sequence to exist.  Often ‘the cause’ of the incident is regarded as an unsafe act or unsafe condition and the root or prime cause is regarded as something the organisation failed to do while planning and organising the work.  Cause-based models are egocentric models in that they typically conclude that the cause was ‘human error’.  This way of thinking often results in the addition of more administrative controls in an attempt to prevent humans making errors.  Opportunities to do something better may have been missed.

Overall the HSE conference was a great success and continues the team’s work to ensure the key message of “Think Safe, Be Safe” and zero mindset safety culture is embedded within Sodexo is shared by all team members across the company.

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