My Pathway Activities Program going strong

My Pathway Activities Program going strong

The My Pathway ‘Activities Program’ assists our Weipa based job seekers to become ‘job-ready’, from a mental health and physical wellbeing perspective. 

Employment opportunities in the community of Weipa, in Far Northern Queensland, frequently require applicants to pass a Physical Medical Assessment prior to gaining employment. As such, in consultation with our job seekers, an opportunity was identified to establish a gym program designed to increase fitness levels in order to better prepare our job seekers for the Physical and Mental Assessments they will likely encounter.  

The Activities Program commenced in December 2016, with ongoing classes held on a weekly basis. To-date, classes have seen between 8-14 participants in each session. Many of the participants had never been to a gym, so it has been a new experience for them. By all indications so far, participants are excited by the opportunity and are eager to continue with the initiative.     

The gym sessions involve personal training delivered by a Sodexo PT, with a focus on increasing all-round fitness. In addition to the fitness component, the Sodexo Personal Trainers have also incorporated yoga and meditation sessions. These sessions have been identified as being of great benefit to the participants, as it provides education around mental health as well as physical wellbeing.

To-date, this activity has only seen participation from our female job seekers, however, our male job seekers have also shown great interest. As such we are looking into developing a program to specifically meet their needs.

The support received for this initiative has been outstanding. The My Pathway Team would love to continue with this program as we have seen many positive results.  

Luke J Smith, Health & Lifestyle Coordinator – On Site Services Sodexo, Symmetry Active