Mental Health Week 2015

Mental Health Week 2015

During I Hear You day in June of this year, we invited all our Sodexo employees in Australia to participate in a survey around mental health. We received 1,074 (a response rate of 30.3%) surveys, a great response that allows us to use the results as an indication of our employees’ views as a whole.

As promised, Sodexo donated $1 for every survey completed. You will see beyondblue’s Michael O’Hanlon and Sodexo’s Country President Nick O’Callaghan meeting this week to present the cheque for $1,074 (pictured above).

The results of the survey have helped shape our overall Mental Health Approach which is being launched this week. Some of the results include:

  • 94% of employees believe mental health in the workplace is important
  • 90% of employees believe workplaces should provide support to someone who is experiencing depression or anxiety
  • 68% of employees believe that leaders who focus on mental health in the workplace inspire respect among employees
  • 25% of employees don’t know how to access mental healthcare resources

Ask your Manager if you would like more information on the results of the survey or would like a copy of Sodexo’s Mental Health Approach.

Nick O’Callaghan says: If an employer is serious about safety of their workforce then mental health forms an important part of that platform. Outside work, family is very important to me, as is exercise. Therefore with a heavy workload it is important to ensure I continue to develop effective time management skills to fit everything in.

When our twin boys were born, my daughter was just two years old. My wife and I found the additional physical and mental challenge at times overwhelming. My wife as the primary caregiver was at times at a loss as to how to navigate through the extraordinary challenges she now faced (often alone) and this was taking its toll on an almost daily basis. Finding external expert support helped us develop coping mechanisms and specific strategies to assist in managing the new mental strain we were placed under. Exercise was a great way to do something for ourselves, regain some sense of control and reduce some stress levels. The boys are now two years old and whilst the three of them are still a handful they are absolutely gorgeous and worth every minute of the additional strain!”

Our I Hear You initiative was implemented just over one year ago, to ensure we not only focus on physical safety, but are committed to developing and maintaining improved levels of psychological and emotional wellbeing. This initiative provides our employees and their families with holistic support when it comes to all aspects of mental wellbeing.

Click here for an infographic of our I Hear You journey so far.

Support available:

Sodexo EAP – a confidential, personal and professional development resource available for all employees and their immediate family members. The EAP is designed to help maintain the right balance between wellbeing and performance. Look for the posters or wallet cards available at site, or ask your Manager for more information or phone 1300 360 364.

Beyondblue – beyondblue is working to reduce the impact of anxiety, depression and suicide in the community by raising awareness and understanding, empowering people to seek help, and supporting recovery by building strategies to put in place to look after ourselves and each other, to stop us from reaching a crisis. Visit their website

Lifeline – Lifeline’s 24 hour crisis support line offers a confidential, non-judgmental service offered by trained Crisis Supporters, to assure you that there is always support available in times of personal crisis. Lifeline should be contacted in times of crisis, when you or someone you know is very unwell or suicidal and you need support to help them. Visit their website or phone 13 11 14.