Men’s Health: Why we need to talk

Men’s Health: Why we need to talk

19 November 2017

Sunday 19th November marks International Men’s Day.  This is a day to celebrate the contribution men and boys make to society. It’s also an opportunity to focus on some of the challenges that men and boys can face in terms of health, fatherhood, education, work-life balance and issues like the high male suicide rate. 

Men’s health, unfortunately, is quite often a taboo subject. This becomes all the more apparent when compared to female discussions of health.  Australian men are generally less comfortable talking about their physical and mental health, less likely to visit their GP, and have lower rates of mental health awareness, facing barriers to help-seeking, such as stigma. As men are less likely to speak to the people in their life about their health worries or visit a medical professional, there is a higher chance of a latent illness or mental health issue becoming more serious.

Effectively managing your health can give you significant improvements in your quality of life, increases your capacity to support your family and your mates, and let you perform at your best.  So this November, remember to look out for yourself and your mates, book in for an that check-up you’ve been putting off, or just reconnect with some friends over a game of footy. You can check out some great resources for men from our partners at beyondblue, and find out more about early detection and prevention of prostate cancer and testicular cancer

The November IMD is a significant date as it coincides with the popular ‘Movember’ charity campaign, trailblazing the men’s health movement. Since 2004, they have held an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide. This is a fun and (for some more than others) easy way of making men’s health issues more visible, promoting open discussions around them whilst raising funds for a myriad of health-related causes.

Keep a lookout for those dodgy moustaches this month, support a Movember fundraiser near you, and let’s keep talking about men’s health!