MAD about making a difference at West Angelas

MAD about making a difference at West Angelas

2015 has been a very rewarding year for the Sodexo team at West Angelas in terms of safety. During 2014, the team embarked on a proactive approach to improve their work areas and make it safer in the form of “Make a difference” (MAD) . The team has carried forward this approach in 2015 and has been recognised for their hard work and approach towards safety.

MAD (Make a difference) is a Rio Tinto safety initiative which encourages participation of all employees working on site to think about ways to make their work areas safer. It is an initiative where all suggestions are welcomed and further effort is put forward to implement the suggested controls.

The Sodexo team has actively participated every month in the MAD initiative and have been recognised as winners for a number of submissions during 2015. This not only gives recognition to employees for their MAD ideas but also goes a long way in boosting the morale and building a safety culture on site.

Overall there have been 92 MAD submissions at West Angelas across all departments in the year 2015.

The MAD winners are judged on a monthly basis and gift vouchers are given to the winning teams in recognition for their safety initiatives. The Sodexo team has been in recognised winners for 1 MAD submission; runners-up on 2 occasions and had to be content for the third spot, three times.

Some of the MAD submissions for the Sodexo team at West Angelas for 2015:

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