Greater Brockman asks R U OK?

Greater Brockman asks R U OK?

October 2018

In collaboration with our client, the Sodexo Greater Brockman HLC team hosted R U OK? Ambassadors and Hockeyroos Ashleigh Nelson and Rachael Lynch to spread the RU OK? message across the remote site operations.

In our industry, we have so many people working away from their loved ones. Sometimes it can be pretty hard for people when they’re lonely, working long hours and they may have things going on at home. When people are lonely, anxiety and depression can kick in.  We spend two thirds of the year on a worksite, so it’s important people have a good support network in addition to formal programs. Even though we’re at work, it’s very important that we’re able to discuss troubles that we’re having outside of work and be able to openly ask or respond to a question as simple as R U OK?

“This was our second visit to these particular sites and came about following some wonderful feedback and discussion after last years successful RUOK? trip. We love any opportunity we get to share the powerful mental health message alongside our stories of life as a Hockeyroos and also health professionals (Ash is an Occupational Therapist and I am a nurse).” – Rachael Lynch,  Australian Hockey Goalkeeper, Coach & Mental Health advocate

R U OK week was a great opportunity for Sodexo to show a united front on mental health awareness and suicide prevention by providing an engaging campaign for everyone to enjoy on the work front and in the Greater Brockman villages. Here are just a few snapshots giving an insight to one of R U OK? as part of Sodexo’s I Hear You initiative with a focus on suicide prevention and mental health awareness.

For people suffering with mental health issues, talking to someone they trust can make all the difference. A conversation could save a life. Don’t be afraid to ask R U OK?