Granny Smith Egg Drop Challenge

Granny Smith Egg Drop Challenge

17 August 2017

The team at Granny Smith Mine recently enjoyed a fun and memorable safety meeting delivered by Phil Franklin (relief PM), which involved a great team activity highlighting the shared effort and commitment required when it comes to safety.

Staff were split into groups and were each given their own raw egg, with the challenge to creatively protect the egg with restricted supplies so that it can survive being dropped from ceiling height.

After 15 minutes of planning and building their safety box, it was time to let go and drop the egg! All eggs survived the drop from ceiling height, so the Goldfields Commercial Manager then upped the challenge to another drop from a higher position, where only 2 of the 5 eggs survived.

We are pleased to report it was a Sodexo team that took out the prize!

Everyone involved displayed great team work and collaboration, which is the safety approach needed in order to protect ourselves and each other.

“This was the most fun safety meeting I have ever attended. The Sodexo teams prevailed in the challenge and the event was full of laughter and energy. Phil sure can drive a memorable safety meeting”. Kim Stranger, Goldfields Commercial/Administration Superintendent

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