Stop Hunger Servathon

Stop Hunger Servathon

The Stop Hunger Servathon is happening once again! Each year, Sodexo employees and their network mobilise globally during Servathon, our fundraising & volunteering ‘marathon’. Servathon is dedicated to stopping hunger and improving quality of life in our local communities. Spending time fundraising or volunteering is one of the most rewarding things you can do – just ask the thousands of Sodexo people who experience that feel-good factor every year!

What is Stop Hunger?

Stop Hunger was founded in the US in 1996 and has been adopted by Sodexo in over 40 countries.  It aims to raise money to support local charities which tackle hunger and malnutrition, promote healthy lifestyles or develop life skills. Hunger and malnutrition is a huge problem globally, with 795 million people in the world not having enough food to lead a healthy, active life; that’s about one in nine people on earth. However, it is also a problem here in Australia with 10% of children estimated to be living in households facing severe food insecurity. This is why we have partnered with Foodbank Australia to tackle hunger across the country together.  Read more in the Foodbank Hunger Report.

Stop Hunger around the world:

  • Is active in over 40 countries
  • Involved 30,000 employee volunteers
  • Served nearly 2.9 million meals to people in need last year
  • Raised nearly $4 million USD last year
  • Check out the 2019 RED Stop Hunger Report 

Five great reasons to fundraise

  1. Ditch work for the day. That’s because Sodexo allows full-time employees a paid volunteer day each year (subject to manager approval).
  2. Gain new skills. You’ll gain knowledge and experience things which could benefit you – and it may help you in your role at work.
  3. Meet people. Whether it’s new people in your workplace or the wider community, mixing with different faces is enjoyable and boosts your social skills.
  4. Improve your health. Research has shown that charitable activity has lots of positive health and mental health benefits.
  5. Make a difference. You’ll be helping others and ultimately improving yourself.

Some ideas to get you started!

What brings Stop Hunger to life is the fantastic teamwork and engagement driven by our people through fundraising and support activities, both inside and outside of the business. There are many ways you can support Stop Hunger, these are just a few…

Run, swim, cycle

Do a sponsored walk, run, swim or cycle

Dress down/up day

Have a dress up, or dress down day at work


Host a charity pub quiz, trivia night, bingo night or a morning tea by donation


Take on an extreme challenge like
Tough Mudder, an abseil or sky dive


Work with a local NGO or charity volunteering or fundraising


Host a fundraiser barbecue, bake sale or picnic

Coffee morning

Organise a coffee run, morning tea, or bake sale
Or urge your team or friends to forgo their coffee for 1 day and donate the proceeds!

Grow a moustache

Get sponsored to grow a beard or moustache, shave your head or wax your legs – think ‘World’s Greatest Shave’

Give up something

Give up chocolate or alcohol for a few months and donate the cash you saved to charity


Share skills: if you know how to knit,
why not host a workshop to teach others?

Don’t forget to report your activities!