Sodexo EAP Support with Benestar

Sodexo EAP Support with Benestar

Sodexo is committed to your Quality of Life and overall wellbeing. We are proud to introduce Benestar as our Employee Assistance Program provider (EAP) from August 2018 onwards. More than just an employee assistance program, Benestar’s Best You program is a holistic approach to individual wellbeing and health, in both your professional and personal life.

Benestar’s services are available to you and your immediate family, giving you information and free confidential expert counselling over the phone, app, or online portal. Easily access Benestar 24/7, 365 days a year via their secure health and wellbeing portal and app.

“Best You” provides support and coaching to help you navigate through life – for times when you need support as well as when you are looking to be better than you already are. There are two parts to Best You:

1. MyCoach – coaching support for individuals, for people leaders and for executives

2. BeneHub – online health and wellbeing portal

MyCoach is a team of professional coaches trained to assist with everything from family and relationship issues, to challenges at work, dealing with grief, improving exercise and sleep and everything in between – all with the utmost confidence. You can choose online, LiveChat, over the phone or face-to-face support.

BeneHub is an interactive online space where you can access a vast library of health and wellbeing resources anywhere, anytime from your preferred device. The portal is continually updated with tools, blog posts, podcasts and learning modules to help you thrive. BeneHub is easy to navigate and you can search for content via topic or type.

Contact Benestar for immediate assistance or discover more tools & information online:

Phone MyCoach: 1300 360 364

BeneHub Online:

Consult your onboarding material or ask your manager for the access code to create your account.