Woodside celebrates Old People’s Birthday

Woodside celebrates Old People’s Birthday

3 August 2017

Karratha Woodside participated in two great events during NAIDOC Week, including the Birthday Celebration for Elders from the Roebourne community, known as “Old People’s Birthday”.  

All Aboriginal people in the area who did not have an official record of birth were allocated 1st of July as their birthday, and for 25 years we have celebrated this day either at Minurmarghali Mia (TAFE) or at the Roebourne School.

Many of the elders have now passed on but this occasion has grown to not only be a day of celebration for those who are still with us, but a day of remembrance and respect for those who have passed. 

It was a day for the community of Karratha to come together, honour our elders, enjoy traditional food, share a birthday cake and spend time together. This was also a great opportunity to learn from our Elders as they told stories and shared knowledge.

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Some descriptionPictured: The community of Karratha came together to celebrate Old People’s Birthday