Weipa Annual NAIDOC Week March

Weipa Annual NAIDOC Week March

The Sodexo HLC team at Evans Landing assisted Rio Tinto and the local community in coordinating a Naidoc March and event in the town of Weipa.

At the starting point of the organised march, each particpant was given shaker bottle with coloured pebbles and Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander flags to celebrate the festivity. With the assistance of police escort, particpants marched from Putts Palms Park entry down Kerr Point Dr to the main park area. 

The event included a number of activities to involve and engage younger children of the community. Activities such as necklace making with local shells, T-shirt painting, dyeing and basket weaving for children were opportunities for learning and sharing.Some description The HLC team assisted Richard, Cultural Awareness Educator for Rio Tinto, in making a single person hut from clay, paper bark and lawyer-cane. This amazing technique using natural resources caught the eye of many individuals, demonstrating traditional Indigenous skills. Some description

On site, the HLC team created a special display in the Evans Landing Dining Room, presenting the NAIDOC history timeline and pictures of Indigenous sporting heros. A special Naidoc speaker and presentation was conducted at the camp for those who were unable to attend the event, spreading awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander achievements and history.

Naidoc at Evans Landing is a chance to connect to and celebrate Indigenous culture, encouraging inclusion and participation for the Weipa progam.