Taking PRIDE in your work

Taking PRIDE in your work

Sodexo promotes a company culture which is accepting of all diversities, visible and non visible. This is an inclusive environment for LGBT and strive to create a safe environment in which all employees can “bring their whole self to work”.

Celine Béland is the general manager of Sodexo at the University of King’s College and has recently become a executive member with Sodexo’s Equity Diversity Pride. She is the first and only representative from the Maritimes in Canada.

She decided to join the PRIDE committee in November after hearing a touching testimony from another Sodexo employee at a conference in Toronto. This inspired her to use her experience as a parent with two gay children to help people.

Béland is excited to begin working with the rest of the committee. She has worked for over 30 years at Sodexo, and says it makes sense why the company partners with Pride. She says Sodexo has always welcomed people from various racial, religious, and social backgrounds.

 “For Sodexo, authentic LGBT inclusion in the workplace means ensuring that LGBT employees, leaders of our businesses and the many thousands of managers we employ, all understand and support the concept of creating workplaces where everyone can contribute their upmost.”

Jean-Michael Monnot, Director of Diversity, Sodexo Europe