Spirit of Inclusion Program workshops

Spirit of Inclusion Program workshops

22 February 2019

Managerial teams from WA recently took part in a client site visit and day
out for inclusion and diversity training. Sodexo’s Spirit of Inclusion program enables employees, both male and female, to focus on understanding unconscious biases while enhancing awareness and skills to positively impact behaviour and share the company’s culture.

The Spirit of Inclusion workshop provides a fundamental understanding of Diversity & Inclusion, allowing participants to explore their own awareness as well as to identify, confront and challenge personal biases, prejudices and stereotypes.

As part of this program, participants will:

* Gain knowledge how Diversity & Inclusion can drive Sodexo’s global growth and innovation and why Diversity and Inclusion is a competitive advantage at Sodexo.

* Learn how we contribute at a personal level to the culture of Inclusion and enhance the Quality of Life for our team members and clients

* Explore our own awareness and understand how diversity and inclusion impact our interpersonal interactions with colleagues, clients and customers

* Understand the impact on inclusive / exclusive behaviour to the performance and develop personal action plans to create an inclusive working environment and behaviours.

This workshop is also a forum for discussion and engagement for Sodexo Mining Australia is in terms of creating an inclusive workplace and in evaluating our own role and responsibility contributing to the culture of Inclusion at Sodexo.

“Great learnings and so much insight from one another! – Paz Avalos, Director, Mining Solutions and Innovation, Sodexo Australia