Sodexo sets up at GARMA 2016

Sodexo sets up at GARMA 2016

A Garma is a public ceremony of different cultural groups sharing knowledge; Indigenous and non-Indigenous people are brought together for this yearly Festival on Arnhem land. Local Yolngu led the Garma 2016 with a beautiful welcome ceremony pictured above. We acknowledge and show our respect to the traditional custodians of this land, and of elders past and present, on which this event takes place. Thank you for having us on your country.

Sodexo staff volunteers were on the ground at Garma 2016 on Yolngu country, setting up for the 4 day event. A team of 45 Sodexo volunteers have arrived in remote northeast Arnhem Land to begin preparation for the first of 24,000 meals to be served to over 2,000 attendees.

Preparations began a week prior to the event with mobilisation of the Bush Kitchen at the remote Gulkula ceremonial grounds. Sodexo will also be maintaining the guest facilities, the Knowledge Centre and ablution blocks for the duration of Garma. Volunteers began setting up camp with hundreds of tents and blow up mattresses, while crews worked tirelessly unpacking food and supplies to prepare for the converging masses.

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{photo credit Adrian Burkenhagen, Sodexo IFMS Community & Indigenous Engagement manager}