NRW 2016 Celebrating 25 years of Reconciliation in Australia

NRW 2016 Celebrating 25 years of Reconciliation in Australia

National Reconciliation week is particularly momentus this year, as it celebrates three milestones: 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation, 15 years since the establishment of Reconciliation Australia, and 10 years of the Reconciliation Action Plan. 

Sodexo Country President, Nick O’Callaghan and Sodexo Indigenous and Community Engagement manager, Wendy Dawson, were among distinguished Alumni to attend Reconciliation Australia’s event this year at the Crown Palladium. The event celebrated and reflected upon the critical milestones during Australia’s reconciliation journey and recognised the Alumni who have dedicated themselves to the reconciliation movement.

 The theme for this year’s NRW is Our History, Our Story, Our Future. 

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The Opposition leader Bill Shorten made the following comments during the Reconciliation Australia Dinner in Melbourne 

it is important to acknowledge there was “unfinished business — and there are new pathways to be developed”. “The reconciliation process has provided a constructive opportunity for our nation to find agreement on these fundamental issues — or at least help us settle them.”