National Reconciliation Week inspires rising talent

National Reconciliation Week inspires rising talent

Pictured above: Proud new saftey representative, AJ Weston

The management team and staff at Hope Downs 4 Mine are excited to announce the latest appointment of Team 1 safety representative – Alfred Weston. AJ has been working at Hope Downs 4 for just over 12 months and his time has included stints in the kitchen, utilities and domestics. When AJ first arrived at HD4 he was shy and withdrawn but he has slowly and steadily come out of his shell and has forged strong relationships with his team mates at HD4 as well as his supervisors and managers.

During National Reconciliation Week 2016 we discussed the significance of the week in toolbox and played two videos featuring short profiles on young indigenous Australians. The people in the videos discussed their hopes and dreams for the future as well as some of the struggles that they face as indigenous Australians on a daily basis. The video was enjoyed by all staff members as it highlighted the fact that even though we all come from different backgrounds and cultures, we all have similar aspirations for the future and we can all find something in common with each other if we take the time to look.

AJ in particular was inspired by watching the videos and consequently made the decision to run for safety rep. We are extremely proud of AJ and excited to see him continue on his journey of personal growth. He will be mentored closely by our HSEQs – Jade Mickler and Toni Wittstock, and we are positive that AJ will carry out his new role diligently and make an important contribution to safety on site as well as the welfare of his HD4 team mates. He even mentioned that one day he may make the decision to start studying towards becoming an HSEQ. Good luck AJ!

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AJ is supported and welcomed as the new safety representative by the HD4 Team