Kuditj Set to Relaunch

Kuditj Set to Relaunch

pictured above: Phillip Park, Kimberley Wilson, Celia Maiho, Duane McMahon

Perth’s only Indigenous owned and operated catering facility, Kuditj, has relaunched after an extensive refurbishment and commercial review by Sodexo.

Sodexo, world leader of Quality of Life services and Perth-based not-for-profit, PEEDAC, helped realign the business to offer a culturally sensitive yet commercially sustainable model in the form of a Corporate Function, Training and Conference Centre.

Kuditj encompasses the values that drive Sodexo’s commitment in Australia to Corporate Social Responsibility; the global Better Tomorrow Plan and its three core pillars, WE ARE, WE DO, WE ENGAGE. The Sodexo Kuditj partnership demonstrates a strong level of commitment to our RAP priorities through the provision of opportunities in employment, training and supply chain diversity with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander partners.

Leanne Graham, Mining Director, Australia, says: “Sodexo’s partnership with Kuditj further demonstrates our commitment to improving the quality of life for our employees, clients and the local communities we operate within.”

Leanne Graham continues: “Sodexo’s involvement with Kuditj will provide significant benefit to both parties with genuine provisions of employment opportunities coupled with a unique training environment and education pathways.”

Operating from a building that is culturally significant to the Traditional Owners of Perth, the Noongar Wadjuk Aboriginal people, Kuditj is in a prime location on the edge of the Perth CBD.

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