Kuditj gifted collective canvas Indigenous artwork

Kuditj gifted collective canvas Indigenous artwork

 25 August 2017

In an event facilitated by Urban Indigenous, Kuditj was recently presented with an artwork by Mayor Emma Cole, City of Vincent, WA. The artwork was created by the community and Mayor Emma Cole further explained the significance of the artwork being presented to Kuditj and the strong relationships between City of Vincent, Kuditj, and the Aboriginal Advancement Council

On Saturday 27 May 2017, the City of Vincent launched their inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) at Weld Square, opposite Kuditj. This date was chosen as a significant date in Aboriginal history as the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Referendum and the beginning of Reconciliation Week. During the event, community members participated in the creation of a community artwork facilitated by Urban Indigenous.

To continue to link in with the Aboriginal Advancement Council building’s significance, the City would like to gift Kuditj the community artwork created on the day. With the significance of the location of Kuditj, we believe this is the most appropriate place to keep this artwork to commemorate the day and significant milestone for the City and reconciliation. Having the artwork at Kuditj would see the partnerships between City of Vincent and Kuditj strengthen.

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“It was an absolute pleasure to host Mayor Cole at Kuditj with an intimate gathering of people within the AAC, Peedac & Sodexo. We feel very privileged to receive such a beautiful gift of artwork created by the community.”  – Celia Maiho, Manager Kuditj Sodexo