Fostering Supplier Diversity in ‘Abundance’

Fostering Supplier Diversity in ‘Abundance’

We are pleased to announce a new procurement relationship with Abundance Produce, a Supply Nation registered Aboriginal business offering commercial food supply of West Australian grown, fruit and vegetable produce. From 1 March 2017, Abundance will be supplying fresh fruit and seasonal vegetables to some of our key client sites in WA.

The founders of Abundance uniquely combine Aboriginal heritage with a genuine passion for developing Indigenous capability including local employment and educating community members about healthy eating and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Like Sodexo, Abundance strives to be a leader in meaningful employment and training of Aboriginal people. They recognise that supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses delivers real benefits back to the community. 

Sodexo has a strong history engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suppliers. As an organisation that purchases a wide range and high volume of products and services, we recognise the opportunities our supply chain can create to drive positive social and environmental change. We aim to continue increasing our procurement expenditure and number of Indigenous suppliers as guided by our RAP Elevate commitments and diversity and inclusion values.

“Our commitment to supplier diversity and Indigenous engagement is core to our business. There is great potential for Australian companies to realise the benefit of creating partnerships with the strong and vibrant Indigenous supplier community. These need to be true partnerships that provide opportunities for everyone involved and we are proud to support our suppliers seeking to build their businesses and create employment opportunities.” – Wendy Dawson, General Manager of Indigenous and Community Engagement at Sodexo

With a multi-layered and long-term approach to supplier diversity and economic inclusion, the Sodexo team continues to establish relationships with Aboriginal businesses in collaboration with clients to foster sustainable commercial outcomes for local Indigenous businesses.

We are proud to be recognised at the Supply Nation Connect 2015 as a finalist in the Corporate Member of the Year category and with Wendy Dawson as Supply Nation’s 2016 Supplier Diversity Advocate of the Year.  

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