Disability-Inclusive Hiring through JobSupport

Disability-Inclusive Hiring through JobSupport

19 August 2019

Jordan is one of the first employees who has not only undertaken work experience, but has now transitioned to permanent employment through JobSupport, our employment partner in Queensland for people with moderate intellectual disability within Australia.

Jordan works with Sodexo at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), in Brisbane CBD. He says, “I really like my job. While at work, I’m responsible for keeping a large kitchen clean and tidy for the staff. I also record fridge temperatures daily, fill tea caddies, vaccum store rooms and more. I have a very nice manager called Dawn Dixon who did a lot to help me get this job along with JobSupport.”

Sodexo Manager, Dawn Dixon worked closely with JobSupport to identify an appropriate role for Jordan, with ongoing and regular communications around Jordan’s progress, development and challenges throughout his employment journey. More than just creating job opportunities for people with disabilities, Dawn believes that this program has positively impacted the lives of the rest of the team, a positive feeling which is also felt by guests and our client in their joint dedication to creating an inclusive working and learning environment.

Jordan has been warmly welcomed by both the on-site Sodexo team and the greater PwC community. Our values are shared by our client PwC, who strive to Act with integrity; Make a difference; Care; Work Together and Reimagine the possible.

“At PwC we look for ways to solve important problems and build trust in society so it was amazing to identify an opportunity in our Sodexo food and beverage team that would be available to a JobSupport team member. Bringing Jordan into Sodexo and PwC has had such a positive impact on the team and culture in a very collaborative and rewarding way. Jordan is a valued member of our community and he has developed in his skill and confidence in such a short time. This is a credit to Jordan’s dedication and hard work and by the support provided by PwC, Sodexo & Jobsupport.”

– Bianca Summerville, Client Services and Facilities Manager, PwC Brisbane

Jordan has learnt and understood the requirements of his daily role, working consistently and reliably as a contributing member of the team. It has been really rewarding to watch his confidence grow and to see how much more comfortable he is interacting with members of the team and the large number of people we serve every day. We are very happy to have Jordan as a part of our team.

– Dawn Dixon, Sodexo PwC, Catering Manager