Building Indigenous employment opportunities in N.T

Building Indigenous employment opportunities in N.T

Pictured above: Recruitment teams from Newmont Tanami and Sodexo (Nicola Larg missing from photo)   

26 January 2017

The Sodexo Indigenous and Community Engagement team recently took part in a proactive outreach and targeted recruitment campaign focusing on increasing female and Indigenous employment for the Newmont Tanami Operations in the Northern Territory.  The recruitment drive was made possible by our valued business partner, Newmont Tanami, along with SWICK mining services and CSI crushing services who share a common commitment to reconciliation, diversity and inclusion.

Over 3 days in Alice Springs and Darwin, the teams undertook training and conducted a specialised Assessment Centre model of recruitment facilitated by People Solutions. This model integrates best practices for effective and sustainable recruitment and selection of Indigenous candidates. The recruitment process is based upon providing a culturally safe environment for Indigenous candidates and developing relationships through open, honest and informal face-to-face communication. 

“The program utilises cultural understanding and community connection as well as the industry expertise to allow candidates to increase their knowledge of the industry and allow us to create pathways to develop their potential. Working with People Solutions allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in being present and available to the Aboriginal people.  – Wendy Dawson, General Manager, Indigenous and Community Engagement at Sodexo


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Picutred from L to R: Wendy Dawson, Nola Kelly, Nicola Larg, and Mark Thomson, RAP Program Manager

This was a fantastic opportunity for a collaborative approach towards creating positive employment outcomes for female and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across the Newmont Tanami Operations. Thank you to Newmont for being the driving force behind this important recruitment campaign.