Building connections at ‘Job at First Bite’

Building connections at ‘Job at First Bite’

Pictured above: Sodexo RAP Program Manager, Mark Thomson and National Centre of Indigenous Excellence chief executive, Kirstie Parker

Sodexo RAP Program Manager, Mark Thompson recently attended the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence’s job networking event, ‘Job at First Bite’, supporting sustainable Indigenous training and employment in Hospitality.  

The NCIE’s ten-year-old Job Ready program, which equips Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with a Certificate II in Hospitality, is lead by Aunty Beryl Van-Oploo and Mat Cribb. The program takes a long-term approach to employment, supporting graduates for many years after they finish the course. NCIE CEO, Kirstie Parker said, “Job Ready gives young people the confidence to realise their full potential, and gives them the tools to pave the way to a successful career.

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Pictured above: Employment Ambassador Aunty Beryl, Job Ready graduate, Elkyrra Glass & Hospitality Development Manager, Margaret Haumono

The Job at First Bite event was about finding ways to partner for sustainable employment and the companies who attended included Stockland, Fresh Catering, Harry’s Cafe, Clem’s Chicken, Gardiners Lodge, and Sodexo. 

The successful event brought together 32 Job Ready students and graduates with businesses and hospitality companies focused on diversity and inclusion. Overall, ten job offers were made and other future commitments were locked in.