Aaliyah and Latrelle’s School Based Traineeship Journey

Aaliyah and Latrelle’s School Based Traineeship Journey

Aaliyah and Latrelle Peta are local Indigenous year 12 students, at Tom Price Senior High School. Commencing in 2018, both are now half way through their 2 year Certificate II Construction Pathways School Based Traineeship with the Paraburdoo Building Maintenance team – and are showing no intention of slowing down! Aaliyah and Latrelle are well on their way to completing school with valued experience in the Sodexo workplace, and a Nationally accredited qualification.

Aaliyah Peta

“During my time with the Paraburdoo Building Maintenance team, I’ve learned how to improvise with materials to fix various items, and how to work as part of a team. I can assist the trades team with their jobs, which is great. I’ve always been interested in a career as an electrician, either as an electrician or maybe auto-electrical or engineering. My uncle has an electrical business, so my family are really happy that I’m pursing my interests. Being a girl makes me even more proud to study a trade one day. Everyone at school talks about their certificate training, and I love talking about the work we do in building maintenance. Working at Sodexo is really fun and friendly, I can’t wait to take the next step into being an electrical Apprentice one day”!

Latrelle Peta

“I really wanted a career that was hands on, so applying for Sodexo’s School Based Traineeship program in the trades area has given me that opportunity. I’ve learnt a lot about how important pre-start talks are, for communicating and problem solving with the team. I like all parts of the training, and have found the technical aspects of changing taps the most challenging so far. I really like joining the plumbing team, because there’s always so much to learn. I’m also interested in auto-mechanics, which this traineeship can give me transferable skills in that area. My family think it’s great!”

Aaliyah and Latrelle observing an earth fault impedance test, to check the integrity of the wiring system ahead of a Paraburdoo housing occupancy.

Special thank you to the Building Maintenance team at Paraburdoo for supporting the professional and technical skill development of local school students, and for helping pave the way to real career opportunities!

For more information on Sodexo’s School Based Traineeship programs: fundinganddevelopmentAUST.APAC.AU@sodexo.com