A Taste of Harmony at Sodexo

A Taste of Harmony at Sodexo

A Taste of Harmony is an annual event that provides Australian workplaces with the opportunity to celebrate the diversity in their workforce. 

At Sodexo, we encourage an organisational culture that embraces our differences and celebrates unique ideas, perspectives, experiences, and talents. With one in four workers coming from overseas, there has never been a more important time to acknowledge and celebrate Australia’s diverse workforce. 

We are celebrating cultural diversity in our workplace through A Taste of Harmony for the 5th year in a row. This year, A Taste of Harmony will take place in the week of
20 March to 7 April 2017. 

We encourage you to celebrate A Taste of Harmony with your teams on-site by hosting a morning tea, team meeting, or get inspired by some international flavours in your menu planning! Choosing the kind of event you host will depend on your site and rosters. If your colleagues are shift workers, work off‑site or are too busy to attend a lunchtime event, you might need to get a bit creative in finding a way to bring everyone together or to share with customers. Our culturally diverse teams are key to accommodating social diversity on site and making everyone feel welcomed and feel at home, especially while “away from home” on our remote sites.

Try some of these ideas at your A Taste of Harmony event:

  • Play different music from around the world and invite people to guess where the music is from 
  • Fly national flags using this online flag generator. Just print off the flags you’d like and use them to decorate the room
  • Host a multicultural trivia quiz and give out small prizes
  • Collect and share your workmates’ recipes with a recipe exchange
  • Host a cooking demonstration or a special pop-up food display on site 
  • If your site has a canteen, create a selection of international dishes for lunch, or even feature a different national cuisine for each day of the week! Print out A Taste of Harmony dish cards to accompany your dishes

SEE MORE: http://www.tasteofharmony.org.au/ideas

Aged Care event tip sheet

Schools & Universities event tip sheet

Find everything you need to make your event extra special, including reciples and ideas for how to host your event and downloadable tools such as trivia games, posters, and flyers to decorate, jump onto The Taste of Harmony website