STRONG Mind, Body, and Spirit with ‘Ain’t weak to speak’

STRONG Mind, Body, and Spirit with ‘Ain’t weak to speak’

It Ain’t Weak To Speak! Congratulations to Spring Gully and Reedy Creek Village who hosted a FIT FOR LIVIN event which raised $4973.40 for the Livin Foundation. LIVIN is all about living your life at the top and breaking the stigma of mental health.

The event was put on by the Morris division of Sodexo Health & Lifestyle team, with a focus on total wellbeing encompassing Mind, Body and Spirit. The event did indeed emphasise Mind, Body and Spirit with a message centred on mental wellbeing, strength & fitness challenges, and team spirt and social interaction with some friendly competition. 

Not only did the event find the ‘Fittest On-site’ but the team had an absolute blast together while raising awareness of the importance of mental health and the notion that ‘It Ain’t Weak To Speak.’ 

It Ain’t Weak to Speak promotes wellness and positive living for people through awareness and early education, encouraging people to be open, engage in conversation and be vulnerable.

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