Sports stars spend quality time in Greater Brockman

Sports stars spend quality time in Greater Brockman

October 2017

Hockeyroos Ashleigh Nelson and Rachael Lynch recently spent five days in the Greater Brockman region, getting to know the locals and reminding everyone to ask each other, RUOK?

When not representing Australia on the field, Rachael and Ashleigh are both health professionals. Growing up in the small WA town of Narrogin, Ashleigh brings first-hand experience of personal and mental health challenges of living and working in remote areas.

Sodexo helped organise the visit in collaboration with our client and promoted the events through onsite posters, regular meetings, and social events – with word of mouth spreading quickly around the sites.

The sports stars were the ideal Ambassadors for mental health awareness. Through many site visits and activities, they listened, learned, developed trust and encouraged people to share their own personal experiences. By removing the stigma surrounding mental health, they reinforced Sodexo’s core I Hear You message: that it is OK to ask and OK to talk about issues such as anxiety, stress, and depression.  

The visit was also an opportunity for Sodexo’s Wellness Team to remind our own employees of the ongoing support mechanisms in place to assist them whenever they need it.

All the Brockman locals were greatly appreciative for Rachael and Ashleigh taking time off work and away from their loved ones to spend some time in the community. Feedback from all the groups and individuals had the chance to hang out and chat (and play a bit of hockey) with these inspiring women was that they each not only had expertise to share but genuinely wanted to listen.

“I’m so lucky to have spent 4 days with these amazing, funny and resilient men and women here at Brockman. Not only did we have fun but we shared stories and spread the RUOK message which is just so vital wherever you work! Big credit to those who donned the goalie pads during our hockey activity!

Ashleigh Nelson, Hockeyroo

“When you’re out on the field and the stakes are high, you need to support your teammates. But it’s just as important to support each other off the pitch as well.”

Rachael Lynch, Hockeyroo

“A big thank you to Ashleigh and Rachael, true RUOK Ambassadors. You really helped encourage people to feel okay seeking support from their partners, families, workmates, bosses and experts. From all of Sodexo’s Greater Brockman Wellness team, thank you for all your effort.”

Teara McGeorge, Sodexo Wellness Advisor


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Pictured (left to right): Sodexo Wellness Advisor Teara McGeorge, Hockeyroos Rachael Lynch and Ashleigh Nelson, and Rio Tinto Health and Safety Advisor Cameron Sinden; and interacting with Brockman teams.