Sodexo unravels the secret to strong teams

Sodexo unravels the secret to strong teams

8 November 2017

Wellness Advisor Chris Thomson recently spread some of Sodexo’s team spirit by running a special team-building workshop for our client’s Emergency Response Team in the Pilbara.

25 ERT members from various regions converged at Rocklea Palms Village in Paraburdoo – and many hadn’t even met before. So after facilitating introductions, Chris split the group into three teams to get to know each other, and work together, in a more unconventional way: the Human Knot Challenge.

Starting in a circle, each participant joined hands with two others in the group, forming – as the name suggests – a human knot. As a team, they then had to unravel by disentangling themselves without breaking the chain of hands.

The activity encourages teamwork, communication and problem-solving. To make it even harder, Chris reformed the three teams into two bigger teams and tried it again – before all coming together for the ultimate challenge of disentangling one big 25-strong Human Knot.

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After everyone was safely untangled, Chris stuck the name of fictional characters on participants’ backs and everyone had to ask Yes or No questions to try to deduce who they were. Little did they know that everyone was one half of a famous fictional duo (think Tom and Jerry), and so the real outcome wasn’t just figuring out who you were, but your partner.

This part of the session ended with a quiz on Movies and General Knowledge – a simple fun way for the crew to mingle and have a laugh, with somewhat less hand-holding.

In the end, perhaps nothing fosters team building quite like sport. And so Chris’s session culminated in a round robin of touch rugby.

Who won? Everyone!

“The feedback was universally positive, and all the participants enjoyed themselves – while getting to know each other better and, most importantly, working together in a tight-knit team.

“It was great to demonstrate to our client more of what Sodexo’s Wellness Advisors can do to help develop their teams. Fostering social interaction is a big part of how we improve our consumers’ quality of life on site – and it improves their work performance too.

“Although it’s important for everyone working on site, collaboration and communication is especially vital when it comes to emergency response. The day of fun and games had a serious objective, and the ERT is now a more unified crew.”

– Chris Thomson, Wellness Advisor