Rio Tinto Iron Ore thanks the team at Jerriwah

Rio Tinto Iron Ore thanks the team at Jerriwah

Rio Tinto Iron Ore (RTIO) held an event for the Sodexo personnel at Jerriwah on Tuesday 25th August 2015, to thank Sodexo for their efforts to date and recognise the success of the mobilisation.

The event was attended by the following RTIO Managers, many of whom had travelled to site for the specific purpose of this event:

Amanda Bolt – Specialist Accommodation and Travel Systems Manager, Bernard Haak – RTIO Nammuldi Project Construction Manager (for the overall mine infrastructure the initial build and the ongoing upgrades, Bernard is very senior well respected Projects Manager), Adam Kent – RTIO Manager Project Controls, Brett Grose – RTIO Regional Safety Specialist, Gavin Saunders – RTIO Village Representative and Neil Warham – RTIO Village representative.

The invitation was extended to myself and I was also pleased to attended the night.

The dinner event was followed by four of the above RTIO members delivering speeches.

Gavin and Neil delivered their thank you, addressing the success of this Sodexo site department by department, recognising Sodexo’s efforts around service, leadership and safety.

They noted the small things that make a considerable difference to residents within this camp Eg: the towel animals left for residents on the bed, the morale of the staff and the fact that our permanent bar man knows every permanent resident’s name and drink order by memory, that the maintenance team have added huge value by maintaining plant and equipment to an exceptional standard, that the permanent dining room lady has such pride in her work that she has managed to train the resident’s to wipe their feet, the contribution from the HLC’s and their success in delivering great fundraising initiatives.

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There was considerable mention around the success of the mobilisation and how Sodexo coordinated a response that drove a successful outcome, managing all the challenges that we were randomly confronted with on the day. It was further highlighted by RTIO that Sodexo’s contribution to events such as Garma and the opportunity and benefits the event offers to both the recipients and our own Sodexo personnel who are chosen to participate is a reflection of Sodexo’s ongoing commitment to community, wellbeing and opportunity.

Gavin and Neil noted the camp has serviced 32,000 man days since the commencement on 1st April, recycled 5.78 tons of rubbish, consumed 4,1750 litres of alcohol and 4,800kg of potatoes!

Bernard Haak’s speech addressed the wonderful work the Sodexo team do, the fantastic morale and the difference that our approach makes to the resident’s experience. Bernard noted that engagement of the hearts and minds of the resident’s is key and urged the Sodexo team to continue to engage in the manner they do, as it can often make such a difference to the outlook and focus of individuals. Bernard also made mentioned of the small things that make the key differences again highlighting the towel folding.

Brett Grose’s  speech addressed the superior mobilisation efforts, the approach to safety during the mobilisation and the excellent safety to date. Brett noted he was onsite at the time of the mobilisation and the turnaround time to deliver operational readiness from midnight to first meal the following morning was exceptional.

It was fantastic to attend an event that recognised the fabulous efforts of our team!

At Jerriwah, there is a culture that encourages and accepts every individual through team work and support, these team members are delivering extraordinary results – morale is free and a proven tool in respect to increased productivity and superior safety.

Jodie Avins, Sodexo Regional Operations Managerfor Rio Tinto