Middle Eastern themed dinner at Tanami

Middle Eastern themed dinner at Tanami

The team transported residents to another part of the world with the colourful array of sweets, hot dishes, side dishes to accompany the meal and the freshly baked breads to soak or wrap it up.

The menu consisted of:

  • Rabbit with Date & Almond Tagine
  • Grilled Moroccan Fiah Charmoula
  • Chicken with salt preserved Lemon & Olives
  • Lamb Kofta with Egg
  • Jewelled Rice
  • Buttered Couscous
  • Baby Beans in Tomato
  • Fried Egg plant
  • Spinach & Fetta Pie
  • Beef Fatyer
  • Burghal & Lentil Soup

Some description

Not to mention sides of Babba Ganoush, Pickled Cabbage, Marinated Fetta and Olives, Tabbouli, Falafel Tahini Sauce, Fetoush, Flat, Fried and Turkish breads and desserts of Couscous, Saffi, Mahalabyer, Muglie and Umm Ali, Ladies Fingers, Loz, Mamoul, Basbousa and Turkish Delight!