Scott Cody joined the Haileybury Keysborough team in November, 2014 as the café barista. In January 2015, I ordered a Vittoria chalk menu board for my Keysborough team to use to entice our customers into our café. Scott was given the task of writing signage on to the menu board. I handed him the chalk board and said “this is yours, go for it”. I had no idea at the time what Scott was capable of or what he had planned to produce.

Scott launched into the task by using his artistic knowledge and talent to create brilliant chalk board pictures. The menu boards looked fun and enticing and reached out to our target audience perfectly. Scott uses his pictures to promote the café, our food offerings and cleverly ties them into school festivities. For example, the recent school musical depicted slogans such as “cast of the weddings singer, get your coffee here” with a comical picture advertising the school musical. Scott said that he draws images from pop culture, film and tv and uses these to connect with the students and teachers at Haileybury.

Further to Scott producing these brilliant chalk boards, he went on and created an Instagram account. This has created quite a stir at Haileybury and grabbed the attention of his target audience. Since Scott created the #Haileyburybarista Instagram account, it has received a growing number of likes and followers. Scott posts pictures of his art work to Instagram weekly, along with pictures of the products we sell and the occasional latte art. Within a short amount of time Scott has become a well known and valued member of the school community.

Well done Scott for fantastic innovation and creativity!

Belinda Bean, Business Manager – Haileybury College