Family and Friends of FIFO

Family and Friends of FIFO

Hope Downs, West Angelas, and Yandicoogina hosted their annual ‘Family Day’ over several weekends this month. This is always a busy time of year for our site-based teams, but very rewarding to be able to enhance the FIFO experience for our residents and special guests.

Over 800 family and friends of FIFO employees have so far this year had the chance this year to see for themselves what life is like living and working in the Pilbara. It was an early start with a return journey of over 3000 kms in one day, but this did not detract from the experience for family and friends who made the journey to visit their loved ones on site.

In addition to a mine tour, getting up close and personal to the huge machinery, families also got to experience and learn more about their work environment, seeing where their loved ones eat, sleep, socialise and exercise. Our Sodexo teams on site treated the special guests to wonderful displays of catering, celebration cakes, and family-friendly activities and entertainment. 

What an amazing day for families to get a glimpse of the mining lifestyle. Our catering team did a fantastic job showcasing their talent, passion and skills! Well done Sodexo Yandi team, Great efforts!

Paul Nebalasca, Assistant Manager

Hosting family days on remote sites is a significant way of supporting the mental health and quality of life for FIFO employees and the family and friends who support them in working away from home. The initiative has grown significantly over the past few years and is now a much anticipated annual event by employees, their families, our client and Sodexo.