Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony at Uniting Care Arrunga

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony at Uniting Care Arrunga

Creating Quality of Life in senior care means creating a place that’s alive with social interaction in addition to health & wellbeing. A place where people are active and engaged, eager to share their interests and embrace new things. As such, residents and staff at Uniting Care Arrunga were recently treated to a special cultural experience put on by Sodexo Site Manager, Mulumbet Fire.

Mulumbet demonstrated an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony, one of the country’s most recognizable rituals. She wore traditional dress and talked to the residents about the ritualised process of preparing coffee: roasting the green coffee beans, grinding the beans, heating in a special clay pot, brewing, and finally pouring the liquid though a clay filter.

The ceremony was a full sensory experience with beautifully coloured woven baskets and mats, the aromatic smoke wafting from underneath the brewing coffee urn and the freshly roasted beans being passed around the see and smell – and of course tasting the finished product!

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Mulumbet had also prepared some traditional Ethiopian food, including injera flat bread and sweets. The residents really enjoyed sampling everything from their tasting plates along with the wonderful freshly brewed coffee.

This shared cultural experience and outstanding effort put on by Mulumbet was appreciated by the residents and demonstrates just one of the ways our people go above and beyond for clients and customers.