A Taste of Thailand at Granny Smith Mine

A Taste of Thailand at Granny Smith Mine

Three weeks into a very challenging mobilisation of Granny Smith mine, the catering team worked hard to produce their first theme night dinner. Delicious Thai food including an authentic Northern Thai minced pork salad and a well-known favourite Tom Yum Gai, were just a couple of the enticing dishes on the menu for the evening.

The team put their heart and soul into producing an outstanding menu and a memorable meal, giving the residents a small glimpse of the delights Thailand has to offer.

As with any mobilisation, not only within the kitchen but in all departments, it’s nice to be able to put up a dinner that goes a little step beyond and also shows what the Sodexo catering team is capable of.

Phil Franklin, Head Chef – Sodexo


Sodexo chefs shows off thier knife skills with a ‘Kae Sa Luk’ fruit carving

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