A fresh take on fruit at Haileybury

A fresh take on fruit at Haileybury

Sodexo continues to focus on student well-being, which directly impacts student achievement and potential by providing proper nourishment and a safe, clean learning environment.

Sodexo and SAJ have partnered to take a proactive approach to Stop Hunger and improve quality of life for those in our communities by providing fresh fruit for students on Fridays. Belinda Bean, Business Manager for Haileybury, has organised with SAJ Free Fruit Friday for the month of May. A healthy and free snack is one way to add balance and nutrition essential to a healthy lifestyle.

“Both clients think it is a brilliant example of where Sodexo provides additional value and improves the Quality of Life of our customers.” ~ Damien Boulton, General Manager – Operations

We are thankful for the support of SAJ, Sodexo supply chain management, and the Food Platform for working to serve the school community and relaunching the free fruit initiative this year.

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